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Weekly Award for Best Comedy at Adelaide Fringe Winner 2019

Words Anna Rieser

Tell us about your show?

Scotlaaaaaand! Our show is pure joy and silliness. A rip-roaring hour of hilarity mixed in with some emotive madness for all the family to enjoy! It’s a mixture of clowning, slapstick, body percussion, audience participation and loads of tartan. The show is basically non-verbal, however we sing plenty of Scottish folk songs so make sure you warm up the vocal folds before you come along. We’ve taken the worlds view of all things Scottish and mashed them together as a celebration of the great nation.

How did Scotland go down in other countries?

Well, we have performed the show in France, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, U.K., Australia and Kangaroo Island (yes it is a real place and yes there are Kangaroos. It’s a country unto itself!) Every country and place we have performed our show has been met with such a great amount of warmth and laughter! We really enjoy bringing our audiences into this crazy world we have created.

Are you nervous of performing it in front of crowds of true Scots?

We’ve been preparing ourselves for Edinburgh Fringe for a year now and can’t wait to launch onto stage and dance around in tartan! As an Aussie, Englishman and Swede, we will have to brush up on our Scottish slang just in case we get a heckle or two. We can’t wait to share our show with Scottish folk and our aim is to have the whole tent singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as loud as they can. Nothing better!

What other shows are you looking forward to this year?

OMG soooo many good companies and individuals at Edinburgh this year! There is Sir David and His Animals by Clownfish Theatre, Serena Flynn with her show ‘Baubo: Goddess of Filth’, the gents from The Establishment, legendary stupid man Gary Starr Conquers Troy, Hannah Moss with Meadow Rain, the boys from Chores, Casus Circus, Britt Plumber with Chameleon, The Long Pigs …the list goes on. We are also hosting a late night bingo show with Gilded Balloon every Saturday night. Come along for some numbers and fun!

When and Where?

Late Bloomers: Scotland! Assembly Rooms – The Bijou, 16:00, 01 – 24 AUG


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