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Laura Ramoso: Frances

Words: Robert Parker-White

Best known for her online videos which have amassed more than 36 million likes on TikTok, Laura Ramoso makes her much anticipated Edinburgh debut show: FRANCES.

The show opens with the titular character getting a call from her long term adult ex-boyfriend and agreeing to meet up at a local cafe. This is a clever framing device that lets us into a voyage of discovery of the many people who live in Ramoso’s head. 

Her character observation (and assassination) is first rate; We meet the hilariously obtuse “Three girls who just got back from Europe” verbosely bragging about their European jaunts, using affected accents and continental malapropism. Watch Laura’s Father hoist his trousers high and compete in the “Italian Dad” Olympics when getting the family to the airport but the biggest laughs are reserved for when her blunt, dry, sarcastic “German Mom” chimes in to destroy Laura’s self esteem.

Ramoso remains irreverent, energised and razor sharp throughout, especially when engaged with audience interaction. She is captivating when quizzing her “best friend” from the audience and leaves the crowd in stitches with her quick-witted repartee.

The second half flips the narrative on it head and presents the long term adult ex-boyfriends side. Underneath the laughs, Ramoso makes a poingoint comment about the grey area in a partnership and that the blame behind any broken relationship is usually the fault of both parties. It is deep and impactful and a nice detour from the madcap high jinx.

Occasionally in its wackiness, the show loses its pace and one or two of the characters feel shoehorned in and not thoroughly integrated into the piece but this is a thoroughly entertaining hour with comedy that feels fresh and exciting. Ramoso proves that she is not just a TikTok starlet but a fully fledged comedic powerhouse.

Laura Ramoso: FRANCES
Pleasance Courtyard, Above
2-28 Aug (not 14)


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