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Lindsey Santoro: Pink Tinge

Words: Elodie Marriott

4 stars

‘Relax, I’m not going to talk to you!’ Lindsey Santoro forcefully reassures us, after sensing some tension in the room that she thinks was caused by her exuberant entrance. Not suitable for prudes, she spends the majority of her set talking about her fanny. And her husband. And an unfortunate smear test that resulted in the death of a pensioner. Anyway, she’s brilliant.

Her longer stories are a journey that you never want to end, and perhaps are a bit concerned that they won’t as Santoro keeps bursting out laughing and has to reign it in. In particular, her experience with hen-dos (she thinks they should be banned) is wickedly funny and could easily inspire Bridesmaids 2, but this time it’s set in Blackpool and involves strippers swiftly retreating to a panic room.

She surprises us, and even herself, with words like ‘tit-hole’ and with an impromptu goat impression which, spoiler, is actually really realistic. But she proves that preparation can be equally hilarious, replacing the word ‘crack’ with ‘baby’ on a description of symptoms, to show it might just be easier to take drugs than raise a child.

Lindsey Santoro is truly fun to watch, especially when she lets out a gleeful cackle after telling a rude joke her mum does not approve of.

Lindsey Santoro: Pink Tinge
Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic
21-27 Aug


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