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Mario the Maker Magician

Words: Chloe Shimmin

“Never give up! Use what you have! Do what you love!” The children shout back to Mario.

This show has heart. Filled with gloriously heart-warming messaging for adults and children alike, Mario the Maker Magician merges magic, robots and clowning. Mario entertains the audience from start to finish. 

It is not easy to keep children actively engaged for one full hour, but Mario does this with ease. It’s like he’s jam packed hours worth of material down to their very funniest bits and let us in to see them. High-pace, fast and full of gags, Mario uses every trick in the book to get the children on side. And they LOVE him. Water fights, card tricks, falling over,  “don’t touch this streamer” – as he lets the children touch the streamer –  and gigantic inflatable balls flying over the crowd at the end. And, everyone gets a toy red nose at the end! What’s not to love?

Mario brings his robot, Mr Lamp, to life – while flawlessly performing magic tricks and comedy skits with it. You would be forgiven to assume the lamp was manned by someone else, but Mario is doing it all.  It really is an impeccable mix of creativity and ingenuity. A true celebration of creative spirit. 

Prepare to hear many children belly-giggling. You’ll leave with a warm heart, a smile on your face and inspiration to go and do what you love. And hopefully, the kids will too. 

Mario the Maker Magician
Underbelly, Udderbelly
8-27 Aug (not 14)


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