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Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Mass Effect is a remarkable performance that captivates with its high-intensity presentation. The ensemble of performers demonstrates their dedication and pushes their physical boundaries, navigating exhaustion, motivation, and group dynamics. The intricately woven spatial patterns shape elaborate running formations, highlighting the significance of teamwork. As they push beyond the limits of their endurance, a synergy emerges that transcends mere fatigue.

The first half of the performance shows smiling sportswear-clad figures like the opening of an exercise video, their movements underscored only by the rhythm of their footfalls. The fusion of acapella music from breaths and stomps adds a unique auditory dimension. The performance evolves from physical exertion to an engaging dance, enriched with elements of humour, breaking through inhibitions. Amidst breaks to recuperate, the energy remains unrelenting.

Incorporating members of the local community towards the finale, the show gains an electrifying boost, infusing the space with an invigorating pulse that embodies the essence of a true Mass Effect. The introduction of lively music ignites a frenetic party-like atmosphere, unleashing an uninhibited frenzy. Stripped bare, the cast engages in wild, tribal-esque choreography, embracing the pulse of the moment.

Mass Effect is a Danish spectacle that masterfully merges physicality and community to create an exhilarating experience that resonates deeply within the audience.

Mass Effect
Summerhall, Main Hall
26 Aug


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