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Matt Forde: Inside No. 10

Words: Calum Baxter

Have political comedians and satirists ever had it so good with the state of British politics over the past couple of decades? Former political advisor to the Labour Party turned comedian, writer, impressionist and podcaster, Matt Forde, delights audiences at the Pleasance Courtyard this month with his acerbic wit, keen observational skills and hilarious impressions of various celebrities and political figures in this highly entertaining hour of comedy. 

The show pokes fun at the state of politics in Westminster while also taking a few pot-shots at politicians over this side of Hadrian’s Wall in the lead up to the next inevitable general election. His comments about the state of the Scottish National Party, for instance, were met with wry chuckles from the audience and a smattering of applause.     

I have always marvelled in the ability of Matt Forde to adapt quickly to an ever changing political climate not only while touching on politics in the UK but in America and around the world; reworking material depending on what the latest news headlines are reflecting. This is a performance I will definitely be attending again in the coming months on tour as more news stories come to light that warrant Matt’s ridicule. 

The punchlines come thick and fast and he inhabits the cadence and mannerisms of politicians and celebrities with great skill and panache. Be sure to catch Matt Forde at the Pleasance Courtyard Beyond at 8pm until the 27th August. 

Matt Forde: Inside No. 10
Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond
7-27 Aug


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