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Matt Forde

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Words Caroline Whitham

Your new show, Inside No. 10 marks your 14th Fringe. Are you looking forward to coming back to Edinburgh?

Of course! I love Edinburgh so much. It’s a beautiful city, there’s nowhere else like it in Britain. Plus the bins have been emptied this year.

As the political scene becomes increasingly outrageous and absurd, does it get easier or harder to make fun of it?

Politics is an endless source of comedy whoever’s in charge. Just when you think things can’t get more insane, the police find a motorhome. I am deeply grateful to all our political parties for providing me with such a reliable, sustainable source of material.

What should the audience expect from this year’s show?


A podcast seems to be a good string to a comedian’s bow these days. What prompted you to start your own, and are you looking forward to recording episodes of The Political Party Podcast live at the Fringe?

It’s great recording them in Edinburgh. I’ve got 3 brilliant guests this year: Humza Yousaf, Angela Rayner and Kate Forbes. They’ll all be fascinating and entertaining in their own way and that’s why I started the show. Although I take the piss out of politics, I also love it and I’m fascinated by those who put themselves forward for public office. It’s not easy being a politician and it does us all good to understand our leaders a bit better. Plus I enjoy teasing them.

Is there anything in particular you look forward to whenever you’re planning your Edinburgh stay? Any city highlights?

So many. Too many. Restaurants mainly. The curries… Mother India, Kismot, Namaste Kathmandu. Piemaker for all those bonkers pasties and pies. The Johnnie Walker Experience is phenomenal. I’ve already been twice in the last year. The only problem is I can’t drink during the day if I have a show at night but it’s still great fun. The floor moves!

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to seeing?

Jack Tucker. I’ve only ever seen clips online and they made me howl so I’m really excited to see him. I’d like to see Freya Parker too. She’s doing a solo show and she was brilliant as part of Lazy Susan. I also want to see Marlon Solomon’s ‘How to be an Antisemite’. So many people raved about his previous show and I’m kicking myself I didn’t get to see it. He’s brilliant on social media so I’m looking forward to seeing him live.

Any advice for first-time visitors?

Buy tickets for my shows. Beyond that, I can’t help you.  

Matt Forde brings his brand-new stand-up show ‘Inside No.10’ to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Pleasance, Beyond from 2nd – 27th August at 8pm. Plus, he returns to the festival with three ‘Edinburgh Fringe Political Party specials’ with Humza Yousef on the 8th August at 2.30pm and Kate Forbes on the 21st August at 1pm at the Gilded Balloon, Debating Hall and Angela Rayner at the McEwan Hall on the 18thAugust at 1.30pm. More info and tickets at MattForde.com


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