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MC Hammersmith: Straight Outta Brompton

Words: Alex Grunberg

4 stars

Comedian and rapper “MC Hammersmith” brings high energy, clever rhymes, and a lot of fun to his hour-long improvisational routine. 

His enthusiasm and quick-thinking keeps the audience entertained and engaged, even in the rather hot and intimate performance space. But the heat doesn’t slow him down – if anything, it gives him more material to work with as he wipes his brow with tissues offered by an audience member. Of course, this is an improvisation prompt and one of many times throughout the show that he made excellent use of audience interactions. 

And while the concept of audience participation can be nerve-wracking for a shy crowd, this comedian makes it clear at the top of the show that you are not being called upon to be mocked, but to be part of the fun – not to be an object of ridicule, but a participant in a wild game. If anyone is mocked, it is MC Hammersmith himself, who fills his act with almost as much self-deprecating humour as he does profanity.

At ease with the audience, willing to take whatever suggestions are thrown at him, and happy to be as silly as possible, Straight Outta Brompton is an enjoyable ride that will inspire you to check out this skilful comedian’s other Fringe shows and see more of his work.

MC Hammersmith: Straight Outta Brompton
Monkey Barrel Comedy, Monkey Barrel 1
11-14, 16-21, 23-27 Aug


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