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Words: Georgia Adele Noble

3 stars

Katie Akerman takes us on the bittersweet journey of Molly. This one-woman solo performance will have you in fits of laughter one minute and a lump in your throat the next.

The storyline reverts to the bubbly Molly as she drifts through her day-to-day life as a friendly Gregg’s worker – a woman who doesn’t feel she will amount to much more than that but gives her work her all and builds raptor with her regulars and team who help tell her story.

The audience experiences shocking – hard-to-watch twists and turns as Molly spends her evenings alone, as we watch the dark side of her performance unravel leading to self-destructive behaviour through evident drink and drug abuse. 

Molly experiences love at first sight, and we catch a glimpse of the – ‘what if’s’, where there is a moment of calm and serenity in her performance. Molly finds peace within, although quickly shattered where the reality is far from this.

A heartfelt performance by Katie throughout, yet a hurried storyline towards the end of the performance doesn’t allow the audience enough time to comprehend the full scale of Molly’s turmoil and dismay after a gut-wrenching sexual assault.

With many relatable tones throughout touching on life’s questions that women ask themselves as they hit thirty, this storyline had much more to give tackling these issues. But, you couldn’t help but leave heartbroken for the main character after Katie’s performance, hoping there was better for her out there.

Underbelly Cowgate, Delhi Belly
21-27 Aug


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