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Monet X Change: Life Be Lifein’

Words: Samuel R

A fusion of drag, stand-up and opera, Drag Race All Stars winner Monet X Change brings her one-woman show to McEwan Hall, and it will definitely have you laughing. It only takes a few seconds of Monet’s charisma to have you ready for a fun, fierce, heart-warming show. 

Monet starts serious, about to blow you away with her vocal prowess, when instead she takes you on a herstory of why she has chosen the song. Like most stories, it goes off on a tangent. But fear not, you won’t be yawning: each step of Monet’s journey is cleverly integrated into the show, from early beginnings at high school to a steamy experience in Ireland. 

There is a casual sense of attitude to the performance, but in a refreshing and entertaining way. Monet uses every part of her body to describe the moments in her past and she ends with an epic performance of opera with a pop princess surprise. All whilst wearing double denim? Werk. 

Life be life-in’ is yet another reason why Monet X Change is the star of all All Stars. Effortlessly funny, giving you an American/British comedy mash-up with touches of true emotional vulnerability and bass-baritone vocals, all whilst looking flawless. 

The audience gives Monet a well-deserved standing ovation, and the final words I will say are “White Boy Stomp”. You’ll have to see the show to understand, and it will be worth it. 

Monet X Change: Life Be Lifein’
Underbelly Bristo Square, McEwan Hall
5-15 Aug (not 9)


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