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Words: Jacqueline Ross

Wow! This piece was genuinely extraordinary. Pushing the boundaries of physicality, reimagining gender norms and doing so all with such tenderness and art. N.Ormes had the audience spellbound and silent from the start. You could hardly catch a breath.

N.Ormes epically describes the power struggle of human relationships. One minute finding joy and deep connections, the next demonstrating an aching need for acceptance, the betrayal of rejection and the desire to recapture feelings and a sense of togetherness.

It does so through the medium of acrobatics. But these are before unseen acrobatics, utilising every part of the body and defying logic as to what is possible. At times it confuses in terms of scale and proportion. At times it is more contemporary dance. Poetic. Edgy.

But it also throws gender roles out of the window. Meeting in the middle of equality and acceptance. Through a bare stage with only our protagonists and the symbolism of clothing we are immersed in an explorative journey of humankind. It tells a mesmerising story.

Agathe and Adrien in co-production with Acting for Climate Montreal have created something unforgettable and special with N.Ormes. It is a performance of extreme talent and deep and meaningful beauty. It makes you think and it leaves you breathless.

Assembly Roxy, Upstairs
6-28 Aug (not 9, 16, 23)


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