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Njambi McGrath – OutKast

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Njambi McGrath’s OutKast is a compelling stand-up show that tackles intricate themes with wit and candour. Njambi delves into her own life as a product of colonisation, transitioning from the idyllic paradise of Kenya to the sometimes perplexing reality of the UK. Njambi explores the clash between African and Western perspectives, shedding light on cultural shocks and delivering a unique narrative of history, particularly the colonial past, from a fresh angle.

Tailored for a British audience, this show unveils Njambi’s thirteen years of stand-up experience. It is easy to get lost, however, if you are not from Britain or Kenya. She encourages viewers to approach her words with consideration, turning the show into a therapeutic session that invites both laughter and contemplation.

OutKast presents an engaging blend of humour and thought-provoking content, encouraging viewers to ponder the complexities of identity, history, and the enduring impact of colonialism. With her storytelling prowess and a captivating smile, Njambi delivers a good performance.

Njambi McGrath – OutKast
Gilded Balloon Teviot, Turret
10-13, 15-28 Aug


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