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2019 New Act of the Year Winner

Words Anna Rieser

Tell us about your new show?

My show is called accidental coconut, because I discovered that ‘coconut’ is not just a tropical fruit but a racial slur. This got me on a journey which was triggered by the death of my father during which I began to explore the notion that an African/black person can ever be truly of an independent mind when our way of life was brutally curtailed with slavery and colonialism during which our narrative was hijacked. All African history is narrated from the white perspective, often ranges demeaning, pathetic, derogatory to downright racist. The term coconut tells the story as if Africans/black people chose to see the world from a white perspective ignoring the fact that this juncture was achieved through slavery and colonialism and whatever roots black people retain is by sheer determination and still through the prism of whitewashed world. Black history has to be prised out of the white narrative mainly concentrating on slaves instead of seeking to create a rounded view which I guess is difficult to fit it all in the one month that is awarded to black history.Yes it is a comedy!

What’s your best Edinburgh moment?

Hanging out with comics who I rarely get to see and having a late night drink. I also love dining in those gorgeous little places in Edinburgh like Bobby’s Café, Asti and Maison Bleue.

What’s your lowest Edinburgh moment?

Flyering in the rain. But a necessary evil!

Who’s your hot tip for this year?

Esther Manito – she’s an incredibly talented anglo Lebanese comedian with an interesting story of identity which I can relate to – I’ve gigged with her a few times and have been impressed

When and Where:

Just the Tonic at Marlin’s Wynd 1st-23rd August 16:05


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