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Philipp Kostelecky: Daddy’s Home

Words: Jacqueline Ross

3 stars

Philipp Kostelecky may be an acquired taste. There is an assumption that he would be cool with that description as he seems confident in his individuality, style and prowess. Located on a small stage with not much room for pacing, Philipp filled it with elaborate gestures.

This was not a straightforward trip. A combination of expressive comedy and cleverly identified metaphors collided with humour teetering on the edge and the occasional inflicted grimace. A real pick ‘n’ mix of fun, brutal and sometimes overtly sexual topics.

The Wednesday audience were a little hot and cold and Phillip picked up on this. At times it appeared he was mentally altering the script to suit, a skill in itself. At other times he crashed through the barriers obtaining laughs for the bigger, braver or blue-er stuff.

There was no shortage of content. Personal favourites included his definition of the cost of living and the equivalence of children to pancakes. The deer hunting comparison to cunnilingus was of epic proportions as was ‘what makes the cut’ in memory footage.

Philipp uses Daddy as a social rather than sexual term. He comes across a little controversial, daring, edgy and confrontational. Both aspiring to please and displease. This was a set hard to tie down. Definitely one for the beholder and to see where it goes from here.

Philipp Kostelecky: Daddy’s Home
The Stand, Comedy Club 2
24-27 Aug


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