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POLICE COPS: The Musical

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Get ready for a wild ride through the hilariously twisted world of Police Cops, the musical comedy that’s all singing, all dancing, and guns blazing. Set in the USA in the 80’s, it follows rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson hunting down the drug lord that killed his sister. From the mean streets of America to a wild adventure in Mexico, Jimmy’s journey is fuelled by dark humour, violent mishaps, and ticking off every stereotype in the book.

The show kicks off with a bang (literally) as a lively ensemble of five launches into an anthem about the 1980s, painting the era as if ‘Britain had a baby with an emo’. Police Cops doesn’t take itself too seriously, embracing a brand of comedy that’s equal parts cheesy 80’s sitcom and unabashedly dark.

While poking fun at itself and even dragging an unsuspecting audience member into the mix, Police Cops maintains a low-budget charm with high-value entertainment. The result is a honky-tonk good time packed with surprises. 

Though there are moments when the background music slightly overpowers the actors, the show’s earnestly endearing main character and witty songs more than make up for it. Police Cops is an entertaining, off-the-wall experience that will have you laughing uncontrollably. 

Police Cops: The Musical
Assembly George Square Studios, Studio One
22, 24-28 Aug


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