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Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine

Words: Alex Grunberg

4 stars

Rosalie Minnitt brings an hour of raucous fun in her comedy show ‘Clementine’ about a regency(ish) era woman who is searching for a love that won’t die on her (like all of her past loves) while trying to avoid spinsterhood. Following the rules of proper womanly courtship, she struggles to understand why she cannot find the love of her life and searches for her purpose while facing ghosts, accusations of witchcraft, and even more unusual obstacles. 

Minnitt jumps and tumbles about the performance space with a sugar-rush kind of energy. She exhibits fearless physicality in her story-setting scenes and employs enthusiastic guidance while engaging with the audience. Topical humour colours a script that aspires to wild absurdity. The show is filled with as many comedic moments as possible, from musical interludes to visual gags that bamboozle and delight. The abundant props tossed across the stage offer fantastically funny opportunities and help to create this world that is very firmly outside of reality. Minnitt is a playful and confident performer, who trusts the audience to go on this wild journey with her, happily leading us (some of us quite literally) by the hand. 

A very enjoyable show that takes its silliness to the extreme. 

Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine
Underbelly Cowgate, Delhi Belly
24-27 Aug


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