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Rosaline and Juliet

Words: Ali Michaels

Rosaline and Juliet is a witty, charming contemporary reimagining of the classic tale we all know and love. Touching the old Bard’s work always comes with a risk of comparison, as so many iterations and imaginings exist, however Rosaline and Juliet felt remarkably fresh and new. 

The play’s originality is in its premise of portraying the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of what happens in the original Romeo and Juliet. It takes the primary focus away from romantic love and towards the friendship between Juliet and her cousin Rosaline. 

The play amalgamates some original verse and style of the sixteenth century original – and remains set in this time – with colloquial, contemporary language in all its brashness. This really added to the humour and combined with fantastic performances by the two actors Lara Lawman and Lily Roberts, made for some well-deserved laughs. The piece was written and slickly self-directed by the pair as well. They’re two to watch. 

Being only 20 minutes, I was engaged throughout, I am not sure how the story may be bulked up going further but I certainly want to see more. 

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare with a modern twist, Rosaline and Juliet is for you.

Rosaline and Juliet
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Forest Theatre
11 Aug


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