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Words: Katie McCulloch

5 stars

The audience are seated in front of a dingy, wine bottle laden bedroom. A bedroom where an unnamed character written and played by Eleanor Hill incessantly live streams and seldom leaves. Glittered in ring lights, Eleanor broadcasts on social media the comings and goings of what’s going on in her head. Through clever usage of live streaming, projections, and music Sad-Vents is a high-octane hour of edge and emotion.

Eleanor’s writing is sarcastic and sharp; the language is laced in fun and fragility. Her manic updates and plain-spoken thoughts both entertain and sober the audience. No dull moments. Flitting between watching something so sad and something so juicy, the piece highlights the absurdity of watching live streams of strangers exposing themselves online. Bittersweetly told, Eleanor keeps her audience up to speed with her stories of stalking, mental health and heartbreak. With bated breath, we are hooked onto Hill’s chaos.

Eleanor is a strong and inventive performer and writer. The use of multimedia is riveting. Her character’s flaws and qualities are strewn about for us ‘voyeuristic vultures’ to endure and lap up. Sad-Vents is a slightly grubby, foul-mouthed gem of a show much deserving of a life after the fringe. An uncomfortable, hilarious, and unmissable watch.

Underbelly Bristo Square, Jersey
22-28 Aug


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