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Words: Michelle Jamieson

3 stars

Slapstick brings their unique blend of comedy and classical music to take us on a journey that seamlessly merges highbrow and hilarity. This delightful concoction of mischievousness and musicality is an enjoyable hour spent this Fringe. 

The talent exhibited by this eclectic group is beyond dispute. Their mastery from music to acting to dancing – is simply awe-inspiring. From the very outset, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in the playful essence of the show. Instruments are passed around, and everyone is encouraged to join in the merriment. It’s a participatory experience that immediately bridges the gap between the performers and the spectators. 

Donning their signature dark eyebrows, stylish hair quiffs, and half-tailored jackets, the ensemble captivates us with renditions of classical tunes that are both familiar and refreshingly new. The brilliance lies in their ability to effortlessly switch between a myriad of instruments, showcasing their musical dexterity and camaraderie. However, it’s the moments when they create music from unconventional items, such as plastic cups, that truly steal the show. This delightful display of skill highlights their creative prowess and camaraderie, leaving the audience in awe. 

A brilliant element of Schërzo is its ability to transcend language barriers. The performance establishes an unspoken connection with the audience, making music accessible to all. The absence of reliance on text and language is a testament to the group’s innate understanding of the universal power of music. While the performance is replete with enjoyable gags that are technically impressive, they occasionally lack the refined finesse often found in pure clown and physical theatre acts. The addition of recorded sounds takes away from the liveness of the piece, despite the technical ques being bang on the money. 

Slapstick’s Schërzo is a delightful melange of comedy, music, and absurdity that stands as a unique gem at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. With their unparalleled talents and infectious spirit, this group of multi-disciplinary artists crafts an experience that resonates far beyond the confines of language. 

Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond
19-21, 23-28 Aug


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