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Scottish Women Artists

Words: Bayli Moore

Scottish Women Artists by Dovecot Studios explores over 250 years of paintings, tapestries, photography, and sculpture by Scottish women artists. The exhibition features women pioneers of Scottish art like Catherine Read, Phoebe Anna Traquair, and Elizabeth Blackadder, alongside those in the contemporary Scottish art scene such as Victoria Crowe and Rachel Maclean. While the exhibition space itself feels bare at times, the selected works on display create a cohesive and comprehensive look at women’s influence in Scottish art history.

While highlighting individual artists, the exhibition gives an extensive look at the history of women in the Scottish art scene and the struggles faced by early women artists in their attempts to receive the same training and professional opportunities as their male counterparts. Scottish Women Artists also explores Scottish identity and how ‘Scottishness’ can be varyingly defined, through works by artists such as Alberta Whittle- a Barbados born artist based in Scotland. Looking toward the future, Scottish Women Artists seeks to show the possibilities of Scottish identity and the future of women in the Scottish art scene, creating a captivating gallery experience in the process. 

Scottish Women Artists
Dovecot Studios, South Gallery
Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 17:00
14-28 Aug


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