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Shaparak Khorsandi

Shaparak Khorsandi image

Words: Claire Smith

What can we expect from your show?

It’s called Shapchat because like Snapchat, it’s just for the moment, for that audience, then disappears.

How do you feel about the Fringe.  Is it good to be back?

It’s always a joy to be back in Edinburgh. The festival is like a beloved, but chaotic and rambunctious friend who will sweep you up in a warm hug one minute then storm out a moment later in a tantrum, calling you cunt. A friend you love but need a year to recover from.

What has changed for you since last time you were in Edinburgh.

What’s changed is that I have taken time out to write a book, (called Scatterbrain, out now ffs buy it) so I’m happy to splash back into stand up with renewed gusto and knowing my spelling really doesn’t matter

How has your performance style changed over the years

My performance style has changed in that I don’t feel every gig is an audition anymore, my anxiety is no more. I am much funnier as I’m much more comfortable with being an idiot.

Why do you love comedy?

I love comedy because it’s about connecting with people and that will never bore me.

Shaparak Khorsandi: ShapChat!
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance One
16th – 27th August 2023


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