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Siân Docksey – Pole Yourself Together!

Words: Alex Grunberg

5 stars

How funny that a show focused so much on dread left me feeling so happy. 

Siân Docksey starts off her routine with a strong visual gag, bringing silliness to her pole dancing while still presenting very impressive skills (a feat that is even more impressive considering she’s been doing this physically demanding show for a month now). The funny and fun pole numbers are interwoven with nihilistic observations on climate change, wealth inequality, and the looming weight of the world’s problems. Docksey wraps you in her hysteria with a surprisingly endearing persona, captivating the audience with her wild gaze as she speaks candidly about her global and political concerns.

The contrast between the real and surreal, the comedically intimate and the physically free, creates a wonderful dichotomy of thoughtfulness and absurdity. There is a beautifully untethered nature to this performance that makes your own reality seem as precarious as that spinning pole.

At one point, Docksey had the entire audience chanting ‘WOOL! WOOL! WOOL!’ and I cannot begin to remember the context, but I remember feeling very happy to play along. And I left the show carrying that playful feeling with me, despite the very valid dread that roots the show, a dread that Docksey both fears and fights with her comedy and dancing. 

Siân Docksey – Pole Yourself Together!
Pleasance Dome, 10Dome
24-28 Aug


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