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Sikisa: Hear Me Out

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Sikisa’s latest stand-up hour, Hear Me Out, is blend of personal anecdotes and relatable observations, leaving the audience laughing. Stepping onto the Fringe stage for the second time, Sikisa takes her comedy to a personal level, dissecting the challenges of articulating the perfect words in various life scenarios.

The show kicks off like an party under black lights, accompanied by infectious music, setting the fun vibes for the evening. Sikisa quickly establishes a connection with her audience, diving straight into engaging crowd work. From historical gossip to walking into 2023 with a party mindset, her narrative flows seamlessly, inviting lots of laughter.

Sikisa’s recent diagnosis of dyslexia becomes a central theme, humorously likening silent letters to Michelle from Destiny’s Child – unnecessary and confusing. Her anecdotes about being a Gemini dyslexic rising offer easy laughs, and as a south London millennial, she aptly refers to her generation as “me and my people.”

Although some of her content feels familiar, Sikisa infuses her unique charm, recounting her dual life as an immigrant lawyer by day and a stand-up comic and burlesque performer by night. Touching on ghosting, navigating dating in your 30s, and even recounting a comical sex party episode, her confidence exudes from the stage. While the show’s structure could be more refined, Hear Me Out remains a great choice for a carefree hour of comedy.

Ideal for millennial audiences, Sikisa’s relatability and vivacity create an engaging atmosphere. And just when you think the show is wrapping up, Sikisa springs a delightful surprise, leaving you with lasting good vibes.

Sikisa: Hear Me Out
Monkey Barrel Comedy, Monkey Barrel 4
17-20, 22-27 Aug


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