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Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Katie Armstrong’s captivating Fringe debut, SKETCHES/GLISK, showcased as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase, unveils a spellbinding double bill that seamlessly blends dance, live music, and visual art. In collaboration with the award-winning composer and DJ Mariam Rezaei, this performance is full of creativity.

SKETCHES, is a brilliant and beautifully bizarre reinterpretation of Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor. The spotlight dances on a musician, casting shadows that intertwine with the dancers’ undulating movements. The live music, made up of four violinists, one cellist and DJ Mariam Rezaei, guides the performers across the stage, transitioning from gentle contemplation to chaotic crescendos. Dancers attach themselves as shadows to musicians, syncing their movements to the music. The symbiotic relationship between dancers and musicians creates a dynamic, contemporary dance experience.

In GLISK, set against hanging white sheets, two dancers and DJ Mariam Rezaei conjure a world of light and shadow. Chaotic drumbeats give way to trancelike sequences, showcasing high-energy movements that, while mesmerizing, could have been condensed for greater impact. The use of handheld speakers to craft echoing sounds adds an innovative auditory dimension. SKETCHES/GLISK is a creative marvel that melds live music and contemporary dance into an immersive experience. Armstrong’s choreography and the live music shine, revealing a truly unique and captivating contemporary dance performance.

Assembly @ Dance Base
17-20 Aug


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