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Spin Cycles

Words: Jacqueline Ross

Jamie-Lee Money’s fringe debut Spin Cycles is an honest and hectic insight into dealing with grief in the modern world. Our character and her spin bike collectively take centre stage as she channels her fluctuating emotions through the routine and perseverance of taking class.

The story is delivered with great wit and cynicism and wonderfully switches gears between the pressure of deadlines, the distraction of interns and alcohol and the memories of happier times. When the music eerily reaches crescendo her deepest darkest thoughts are revealed.

We witness our character’s mind keep pace with her pedalling. Eyes fixated then distant. The cogs of her overwhelmed and grief stricken brain spinning alongside the wheels of her bike. A reminder we are not supposed to stop. Don’t give up. ‘Sweat out the sadness.’

Spin Cycles is a highly relatable piece for anyone struggling with loss or impending loss. It beautifully illustrates the fragility of suppression and the absurdity of coping amidst today’s manic pace of life. The bike prop provides both an outlet for resentment and therapy.

Jamie-Lee Money performs it beautifully. With laugh out loud moments, health awareness tips and flickers of sarcasm she keeps it real. Already spinning when the audience enters, her tale symbolises an ongoing journey. One that many of us will be on.

Spin Cycles
Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two
5-28 Aug


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