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Steve Bugeja: Self Doubt (I think)

Words: Calum Baxter

4 stars

Steve Bugeja’s meteoric rise as a TV writer and stand-up comedian is no surprise. Since winning BBC New Comedy Act a decade ago, he has taken five critically acclaimed shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, been on two national tours and co-created ITV 2 sitcom, Buffering, alongside Iain Stirling.

Self Doubt (I think) emphasises the comedian’s indecisive nature focusing on an anecdote of him failing to pick out a pair of glasses at the opticians. Steve marvels at people who are quick to make decisions touching on his admiration of couples who commit to marriage and children while he worries the hypothetical kids that he would produce would be mediocre. 

The punchlines come thick and fast in this set as he makes the art of stand-up comedy look effortless. Possibly the best advice he imparts to the audience comes from his therapist: ‘you don’t have to know what the right decision is, just be sure that you want to discover it.’ He finishes the set by conceding that he doesn’t regret his decisions if someone else makes them for him. 

Watching Steve Bugeja and not succumbing to “decidophobia” is a must.

Steve Bugeja: Self Doubt (I think)
Monkey Barrel Comedy, Monkey Barrel 4


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