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Stevie Martin – Hot Content at Underbelly Bristo Square

In a world where becoming viral doesn’t necessarily require a course of anti-biotics, one woman and her trusty clicker tackle the digital entertainment industry one slide at a time.

Hot Content is part TedTalk, part sketch show where Stevie Martin offers a comedic take on the business of social media. No website is left out as Martin addresses how people can become so dedicated to becoming popular online and the implications that follow.

The show lampoons this entire situation, highlighting the excessive obsession of making online content – something she has experienced first-hand as a former online journalist. The stage is kept as simple as it could which allows Martin to create an extravagant show through her performance alone. Martin’s performance is accompanied by a slideshow that accents the humour incredibly well. In complete command of the audience, she swings through highs and lows majestically. Martin’s ability to lead you on before snapping into something completely different is tremendous. 

Martin manages her ridicules in such a light and informative way. There is no guilt trip: Hot Content is there as a suggestion with a slight warning about greed and egotism that can come with posting online, all while taking a light jab at people who become online influencers. Overall, a great show to watch if you’re worried that you’re using Facebook a bit too much.

Stevie Martin: Hot Content runs until 25 Aug, Underbelly Bristo Square, 6:35pm


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