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Strategic Love Play

Words: Jacqueline Ross

4 stars

A circular room, a circular table on a revolving platform. One big circular conversation going round and round. Here we are in A Strategic Love Play, the most interesting take on the first date. There is no waffle to get to the point. This play starts brusquely as it means to go on. 

It was difficult at first to warm to our female protagonist. Barely taking breath she seemed on full on attack mode as though the whole dating process was one big headache in the way of her goal. Understandably he seemed uncomfortable, identifiable, apologetic, smiley.

But as the tables literally turned so did the thought process. Was her ‘out there’ strategy more real? Was the charade he was churning out completely fake, predictable, defensive, counter-productive? The play spins around a cataclysm of emotional unrest. Be prepared!

What was amazing about A Strategic Love Play was it delved into new territory. It hurt your brain deciphering the dating game. It made you question if we want the same thing and how we’ve been presenting crisps! Did it ever feel equal? Play to stereotypes? Did anyone win?

This is illuminating and brilliantly written and performed. But best of all it was so very open to interpretation. With touching moments, genuine humour and cut throat put downs, it is one that you won’t want to end. One that might even make you rewrite your strategy.   

Strategic Love Play
Roundabout @ Summerhall
21, 23-27 Aug
1 hour 10 minutes


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