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Suhani Shah: Spellbound

Words: Douglas O’Hara

What’s on your mind? Well, Suhani Shah plans to find out. 

Before the show begins, audience members are encouraged to write a favourite destination, a drawing, or even their bank pins if they dare on a piece of a paper at the front of the room. As the queue forms and the paper slips fill the box, Shah immediately hooks the crowd by guessing several correctly. Appearing as a mere warmup, the performance only gets better. From being blindfolded and finishing the drawings of audience members on a marker board to reading the minds of several individuals, Shah entertains and delights. While those who wish to simply watch can do so, Shah’s professionalism and humour lightened the room and encouraged the crowd to volunteer. 

A welcomed surprise, Shah briefly recounts her life’s journey of becoming a mentalist/magician in between acts. From growing up and performing in India at a young age, to asserting her passion and commitment within the world of magic, her perseverance reflects her deep commitment to her craft. 

While shows such as this possess an inherent scepticism, Shah’s performance laid any to doubt to rest with her ability to captivate a crowd. Whether you believe in Shah’s mind reading ability or not, the performance continuously entertained a packed room for an hour and ended with a resounding applause after a surprisingly magical final act.

Suhani Shah: Spellbound
Underbelly Bristo Square, Clover
6-27 Aug (not 14)


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