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Susie McCabe

Susie McCabe new

Words: Claire Smith

I hear you’re getting married?

Yes I’m getting married to my fiancee on the first Sunday after the Fringe – so that’s something to look forward to.

I’m not talking about it in the show.  That might be next year’s show.

So what is your show about?

My show is about me looking at my womanhood – and how I have always felt not really a part of womanhood.

Some of those things are to do with sexuality – some are to do with other things.  I used to work on building sites as an electrician and I’m a woman.

And I’m a bit sick of middle-aged men telling me what a woman should be like – so in this show I talk about that.

I come to a conclusion in the show that explains everything.   But it’s not just a show for women. It’s a really nice show and it’s really funny and really daft so anyone can relate to it.

What is your style of comedy?   Does being Scottish have a big effect on your style?

I’m quite emphatically Glaswegian and I’m not a posh Glaswegian.   People can be Scottish in lots of different ways.  I’ve just done a tour of Scotland and every Scottish city is different from the next one.   Things are even different from island to island.

I think it may have more to do with class.  Glasgow is very much a working class city, as is Manchester and Liverpool.

Are you looking forward to the Edinburgh Fringe?

It’s a very long month that I’ve come to respect over time.   It’s very English and it’s very middle class – it’s a bit like London comes to Edinburgh.

But I’m in a lovely room and I have lovely audiences and I know I’ll be a better comic at the end of it.

I think if you’re going to do something make it meaningful.

How do you feel about becoming more well known?

I’m not a big deal but I do get recognised.
I was at the Pulp concert recently in Glasgow and people were taking pictures of me.  I was with a friend I’d known for 25 years and they said: “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

SUSIE MCCABE: Femme Fatality
Assembly, George Square, Studio Two
2-27 August (not 14) at 8.35pm


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