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Taiwan Season: Duo

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Duo is an exquisite dance-infused acrobatic circus performance that paints an intricate canvas of emotions and relationships. With a spotlight on two performers, the show beautifully blends acrobatic technical prowess with profound sentiment. Amidst a table and chairs, the evolving dynamics of a relationship come alive through seamless physical grace.

The spotlight, fading in and out, captures the performers’ frozen poses on the table, each moment a glimpse into the fluctuating narrative of a partnership. Clothes on hangers metamorphose into metaphors for past selves and gender roles, evoking themes of absence, loss, and the transformative power of connection. 

The performers exhibit a breathtaking command over their bodies, melding strength and gentleness, creating a deeply intimate atmosphere. Their chemistry is palpable, both physically and emotionally, leading the audience through a journey of undoing and rebuilding, much like the ebb and flow of real-life relationships.

Duo masterfully captures the complexity of human connection through its fantastic storytelling, a mesmerizing blend of dance and acrobatics that allows us to peer into the intricacies of a relationship. This performance is a testament to the power of movement and expression, a captivating portrayal of the beauty and challenges that come with intertwining lives.

Taiwan Season: Duo
Assembly @ Dance Base
22-27 Aug


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