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Tatty Macleod: Fugue

Words: Michelle Jamieson

Better known as, That French TikTok Lady, Tatty Macleod has gained a huge online following
thanks to her hilarious and astute observations of French and British culture. Her debut show
continues to play on these observations.

She starts the show bragging about her ability to spot a French or English person out of a
crowd, and then continues to connect with the unlucky souls throughout her set.

Tatty takes us on a journey from growing up as a Roast Beef and a Frog in England she lets us
into truths about dating men from the two different nations, hitch-hiking as a child, her time as a
tour guide in Paris to her mothers obsession with DIY.

An enjoyable show with the up and coming comedian. The content is good, if a little stretched
over the full hour. You can see how she has soared to TikTok success.

Not all about the jokes, Tatty takes the time to comment on how Brexit has impacted her ability
to connect with the place she once called home and rather than finishing on a joke, Tatty opts
for a different unconventional and ‘French’ way to end her set.

A vibrant and energetic hour from this comedian’s debut show. If you’re French, English or
anything in between you will enjoy laughs throughout and leave with food for thought.

Tatty Macleod: Fugue
Monkey Barrel Comedy, Monkey Barrel 4
6-27 (not 15)


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