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Temporarily Yours

Words: Katie McCulloch

3 stars

Temporarily Yours sheds light on the sex work industry through a compilation of monologues performed by Greta Zamparini. Zamparini has collated verbatim, research and two monologues written by Concita De Gregorio. Drawing on her own personal experience of volunteering with sex workers and trafficked women, Zamparini has created an enlightening exploration.

The production defies stereotypes, urging the audience to suspend judgment and embrace diverse viewpoints. It navigates themes of choice, empowerment, and the harsh realities of trauma and trafficking. Zamparini possesses versatility and a warm stage presence, however, the pacing occasionally falters due to the script’s length (stretched out at 75 minutes.)

The direction is at times playful and Zamparini’s engagement with the audience is met with a beautiful ease; a very watchable performer. Monologues from a street worker and a high-paid escort offer varied insights into the world of sex work. While exhibiting agency, the production does not shy away from the darker aspects, delivering some gut-wrenching moments. 

Polishing the pacing and carving out each monologue’s unique identity could genuinely elevate the entire experience. Temporarily Yours doesn’t just scratch the surface – it guides you into contemplation about its intricate subject matter. Zamparini’s remarkable performance adds dignity and depth to the piece, showcasing her impressive talents.

Temporarily Yours
Underbelly Bristo Square, Ermintrude
22-27 Aug
1 hour 15 minutes


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