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That Don’t Hurt My Feelings None

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Get ready to embark on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery with comedian Kassie Thornton’s one-woman show, That Don’t Hurt My Feelings None. Set in the intimate ambiance of the Assembly Rooms Drawing Room, this performance is a thoughtful blend of authentic storytelling, humour, and raw emotion, leaving the audience both laughing and touched.

The stage comes alive with a hay bale and scenes from the deep south USA projected onto a backdrop, accompanied by banjo melodies that set the mood. Kassie Thornton takes the spotlight, portraying her 13-year-old self with genuine vulnerability. As she navigates the challenging terrain of growing up religious in a small Kansas town during the 90s, Kassie captures the audience’s attention, painting a vivid picture of the pressures to conform to societal expectations of femininity.

As Kassie grapples with the conflict between being herself and meeting the expectations of her family and Jesus, the audience is taken on a journey of authenticity and self-acceptance. Through moments of laughter, poignant realizations, and the power of love, she recounts her journey of coming out and finding her true identity.

Kassie’s journey through self-discovery culminates in a beautiful display of queer pride, celebrating the life she has proudly built for herself. The show concludes with a heart-warming video montage of Kassie’s personal photos, a touching reminder that each rainbow is born from its own storm.

That Don’t Hurt My Feelings None
Assembly Rooms, Drawing Room
25-27 Aug


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