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The Kinsey Sicks: Drag Queen Storytelling Gone Wild!

Words: Aria Tsvetanova

Using the frame narrative of story hour at a über-conservative elementary school, drag acapella quartet The Kinsey Sicks bring their politically outspoken parodies to the Fringe. Disguised as nursery rhymes and Disney tunes, the topics span everything from grooming to gun control. The framing itself is a clever and pertinent allegory for the state of American politics with Ron DeSantis as the principal of the fictitious elementary school, unseen but morally policing the performance nonetheless. 

The Kinsey Sicks deliver a great show;  stunning vocal performance paired with laugh-out-loud quips. Stand out musical numbers include an impression of Donald Trump in the form in The Little Mermaid’s Poor Unfortunate Souls, a Puff the Magic Dragon parody about a magical drag queen, and Trixie’s four octave imitation of Julie Andrews.

If any criticism were to be levied at the show it is that some of its references get lost. Mostly, the topics covered are universal and accessible to anyone with a vague understanding of US politics over the last few years. However, the occasional name-drop or comparison flies over the head of UK audiences. On the bright side, the quips just keep coming. So even if one gets lost, the audience is too busy laughing to notice. 

Beyond its comedic value, The Kinsey Sicks: Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! imparts an important message on why the world (and young audiences such as elementary school kids) need to see and experience drag performances and story hours. 

The Kinsey Sicks: Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!
Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Auditorium
5-27 Aug (not 15, 22)


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