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The Magic of Terry Pratchett

Words: Ali Michaels

The Magic of Terry Pratchett is aptly named. The charm of solo-performer and writer Marc Burrows with his quick-witted humour and abundant insight left me spellbound. As someone who has never read a Terry Pratchett novel, I can say that it is not a prerequisite to enjoy the whimsy wonder of this show. 

Sure, there were parts of the show where I felt if I was an avid Pratchett fan I would have leaned forward a touch more and laughed a bit harder; I certainly missed the odd inside joke. Regardless, I didn’t feel remotely out of place. Adding to this, I can say this piece certainly left me wanting to read his work, which was made easy for me by the fact that Marc requested members of the audience to raise their hand had they not read Pratchett before (an action that could have easily been turned by a less deft artist to an act of alienation for an audience member) and gave us a Terry Pratchett novel. An incredibly nice touch. 

This comedic lecture show is, by nature, expositional, and occasionally left me a feeling bit goggle-eyed and bombarded with information, but still feeling good as though I’d just been lectured by my favourite teacher. 

If you’re an avid Terry Pratchett fan then this show is an absolute must-see, and if you’re merely curious and interested in Pratchett’s work, Marc Burrows’ impassioned, humorous and endearing show will leave you with a smile on your face.

The Magic of Terry Pratchett
Gilded Balloon Teviot, Dining Room
9-13, 15-28 Aug


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