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The Real William Shakespeare… As Told by Christopher Marlowe

Words: Ali Michaels

A tantalising and timeless tale of murder, government coverups and false identity. A conspiracy theorist’s fever dream, this medieval story is sure to send you home primed and prepped to dive down a rabbit-hole into the ideas this play explores…

It’s rare to associate a historical tale with one that is wildly fun, frisky and mischievous, but that’s exactly what Matchmaker Productions does so well with this play – it is a glorious amalgamation of whimsicality and history. 

Nothing was superfluous under the keen directorial eye of Jen McGregor, every theatrical device and decision existed for a reason yet exuded fun, from how Marlowe (played with excellent range and charm by Nicholas Thorne) ‘controlled’ the light changes with a snap of a finger, to how the simplest accessory could bring about a character change. 

Shaul Ezer’s informed writing, Jen’s slick direction and Laura Moore’s sharp tech skills seamlessly interwove the present day with the 16th century with not so much as a hiccup.

Character mastery was in full display via multi-roling Kirsty Eila McIntyre whose accent work, body language and voice entirely changed to show with complete clarity whom she was playing at any given time. 

Rarely is a powerful and dangerous character played so convincingly and as charismatically as it was by Adam Buksh casting shattering dispersions with an earnest smile. Equally impressive is actor-musician John Kielty, who not only played music beautifully but with the shift of an eye or a subtle expression had the audience cracking up. 

An emotional rollercoaster, this play simultaneously had me laughing, on the edge of my seat, constantly surprised me and left me with a smile on my face. 

The Real William Shakespeare… As Told by Christopher Marlowe
Greenside @ Riddles Court, Thistle Theatre
14-19 Aug


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