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The Revel Puck Circus: The Wing Scuffle Spectacular

Words: Izzy Toner

3 stars

For their inaugural fringe run, I could not be more impressed with the energy, warmth and talent of Revel Puck’s Circus. Hailing from East London, the sparky group showcased a medley of acts and talents, threaded together by an adorable love story between a clown and a lion.

Good humour and audience interaction was present before the act even began, as the same performers I saw flipping and flying around The Lafayette tent were initially peddling popcorn and candyfloss as the audience members trooped in. This disguise was a great way for the group to get to know the crowd until the tent filled up.

An absurdist introduction followed, whereby a stuffed lion on remote-controlled wheels initiated a Mouse Trap-esque chain of chaos. A sweet, red-nosed clown entered and skilfully charmed the audience, and appeared often thence after between performances.

The acts were each preceded by comedic interludes which were both entertaining and endearing. Though for some the skits could appear childish or slapstick, they are also the reason I could not recommend this act more highly for those with children.

In one short hour Revel Puck Circus presented a gorgeous Cyr wheel performance, Teeterboard acrobatics, aerial acts, terrifying balancing performances and even extra-charismatic juggling. The performers were joyous to watch and succeeded in delivering an act which was both heartfelt and hilarious.

The Revel Puck Circus: The Wing Scuffle Spectacular
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows, The Lafayette
23-26 Aug


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