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Tom Lawrinson: Hubba Hubba

Words: Robert Parker-White

5 stars

Manchester comedian Tom Lawrinson has amassed over 125 million views with his online sketches. He brings his brand of wacky and wonderful humour to the Fringe in his hour-long tour de force ‘Hubba Hubba.’ 

Lawrinson has an effortless repartee with his audience. He instantly has everyone in stitches as he strides the stage switching from manic to poised in a heartbeat, keeping everyone on their toes. His trademark groans and cheeky glances at the audience aid his charismatic demeanour.

He starts nonchalantly asking various members of the audience what their favourite meal deal is, gleefully unpacking their culinary decisions. From here we are fully immersed in his unique and bizarre world never fully knowing where he will go next. We explore hysterical Harry Potter reflections, rib-tickling Wallace and Gromit anecdotes and a wood pigeon skit so funny I was gasping for breath.

It is so refreshing to find a comedian with such a unique perspective. He finds such perverse delight in the mundane and shares his observations in a way that leaves the audience rolling in the aisles. Lawrinson is like the weird child in your class who is all grown up and handed a mic and it is glorious. He is unafraid to twist and expand those intrusive thoughts you get late at night and turn them into blissfully warped yarns.

Tom Lawrinson is in a class of his own and as one of the funniest stand-ups in the circuit, I highly recommend you beg, borrow or steal a ticket for his show: Hubba Hubba.

Tom Lawrinson: Hubba Hubba
Underbelly Bristo Square, Clover
26-28 Aug


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