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Words: Elodie Marriott

Ever wanted to know what happens in a ballet class when the teacher leaves the room? Tutu turns one of the strictest dance forms into a comedic and absurdist performance that is enjoyable for all. Forget etiquette, embrace faux paus. This all-male cast certainly does, including one of the biggest: pulling a wedgie out on stage.

Adapting technical ballet moves to produce a series of unique dances, choreographer Philippe Lafeuille pokes fun at the industry and shakes free from the stereotypes of a traditionally uptight artform. Exploring the silliness brings an exceptionally entertaining performance and allows us to celebrate ballet in a different way.

In a mock episode of Strictly Come Dancing, the music is just loud enough to hear the scream of a contestant. Their partner falters and kicks them between the legs. It’s slapstick and gleeful, with costumes to match. Dressed as ducklings, babies, women with flowing hair or vegetables, the only thing the cast are serious about is entertaining. Their expressive faces and genuine skill add to their charm. While it slightly loses pace during the more acting heavy scenes, overall the show is dazzling and immensely creative.

Tutu shows that ballet can appeal to everyone. Fall in love with dance again, marvel at their eccentric outfits, or simply watch topless men in tiny tutus.

Underbelly Bristo Square, McEwan Hall
15-21, 23-27 Aug


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