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Words: Ali Michaels

Wasteman is a solo theatre show written and performed by Joe Leather, which mixes elements of musical theatre and drag. At its simplest, it is about a binman who dreams of being a drag queen. Fundamentally it is about following your dreams and being who you are. 

In stark contrast to some abhorrent language graffitied on the poster for Wasteman, this show educates on humanity, self-acceptance and love. 

At times the world can you make you feel like throwing your authenticity into a trash bin. Joe Leather stands loud and proud, picks his lace front and leotard out of the rubbish, dusts it off and tells us exactly who he is. And in the face of adversity, when many are advocating for the abolition of gay and trans rights, Wasteman celebrates being true to yourself.

This gorgeous show flip-flops between giving you tears of laughter to tears of sadness. In the flick of a light, a shift of his voice, Joe can change the dynamic of the room. Wasteman has everything one would want in a show – humour, struggle, surprise, twists, and a beautiful, life-affirming takeaway message. In fact, can I sense a TV series coming?

Regardless of whether you love drag, whether you’re a friend or foe, whether you’re queer or straight, if you have ever had a dream, or struggled to be who you are, this show is sure to connect with you. 

Assembly George Square Gardens, Underground
12-16, 18-28 Aug


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