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Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Step into the mesmerizing world of Weathervanes, a mind-bending mix of immersive multimedia and dance-theatre that flips the script on beauty and the sacred. Crafted by Jian Yi, this captivating experience taps into your collective thoughts, serving up dreamy vibes and a peek into a future where queerness takes the stage. Brought to you by Journey to the East Productions, in collaboration with Summerhall/Eclipse and Tramway, the show features dancers, live music, and multimedia effects crafted by Cryptic artist Heather Lander.

This show is a welcome, peaceful reprieve from the chaos of the fringe. Stepping through curtains into a misty room aglow with flickering lights and meditative music, you’ll find yourself in an otherworldly realm. The ambience is further heightened by a fog machine and projections that dance alongside the undulating movements of two male and one female dancer. They stand naked on plinths, embodying a dystopian vision as the room surrenders to nature’s grip, entwined in ivy and dirt.

The musical allure, like a siren’s call, is accompanied by live music that celebrates the human form. The setting exudes serenity, enveloping you in a respectful atmosphere. As an attendee, you’re invited to take a seat on benches and cushions, absorbing the captivating scenes in two rooms during half-hour slots. It’s a dark Garden of Eden where artistry and introspection intertwine.

Summerhall, Lower Cafe Gallery
19.30, 21.00
17-20, 24-27 Aug


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