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We’ll Have Nun of it

Words: Alex Grunberg

In this musical revue, a cast of talented musicians share the struggles of students at a Catholic school in the 1960s. Reckoning with their sexuality, faith, and family lives, the characters find support in each other as they drive forward through the school year accompanied by the catchy momentum of drums and the performers’ high energy.

Perhaps in an effort to highlight all of the talented performers, the narrative does feel rather stuffed for the one-hour performance as we rush through the moments of the students’ lives, touching on a variety of interesting topics such as ‘60s feminism, religious trauma, and parental neglect. But the performers are best shown off when we get a moment to breathe with them, focusing the struggle of a specific character as well as the talent of the individual actor, such as a show-stopping belt number of a character grappling with her religious future and a lovely piano ballad meditating on the aftermath of loss and grief. 

The performers’ enthusiasm captured a truly engaged audience and the inventive use of instruments was a creative twist on conventional props. “We’ll Have Nun of It” is a fun musical experience. 

We’ll Have Nun of It
Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Button
8, 10-13, 15-20, 22-27 Aug


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